FAQs: The AAIE Institute

How are the courses presented online?

Online courses are presented using the learning management system (LMS) Canvas, which incorporates an easy-to-use interface, simple navigation, and allows for consistent interaction among instructors and participants.

Are any face-to-face interactions required?

Yes. Face-to-face interactions take place over Skype call conferences with instructors, mentors, and participants.

Who teaches AAIE Institute’s courses?

Our instructors are experienced international school leaders who offer real life strategies and solutions for the unique challenges of international education. To meet some of our instructors, click here.

How large are the class sizes?

The current class average is 15 students. Smaller class sizes allow participants to more easily share personal experiences and situations.

Can I take just one of the eight courses?

Yes. Each class focuses on a different aspect of international school leadership. Participants can choose to focus on only a few key areas of development.

Do I have to start the program with a certain course?

No. We have a rolling admissions policy that allows you to join the program at any point. To find out more about the next AAIE Institute course, click here.

Is accreditation or graduate credit available for Institute courses?

Yes. Participants who complete all eight AAIE Institute courses earn a certificate of completion and are recognized as an AAIE Fellow. Graduate credit is available through Wilkes University, which offers a master’s degree in International School Leadership in as little as two years. For a complete course listing for the Master of Science Degree in International School Leadership, click here.

How long will it take me to complete the Institute program?

Participants who take the courses consecutively can complete the program in two years.

Do I need to be an AAIE member in order to take Institute courses?

No. However, AAIE members are offered reduced tuition fees.

FAQs: Registration and Payment

How do I register for the AAIE Institute?

Simply complete the online registration form. After submitting the completed form, you will receive an email confirmation. For more information or to register by phone, please contact us at 00.1.716.855.2250 or contact@AAIEInstitute.org.

How do I pay for my course?

Payments are accepted online at AAIEInstitute.com/pay. If you are interested in graduate credit or prefer to register by phone, please contact us at 00.1.716.855.2250 or contact@AAIEInstitute.org.

I need an invoice or a receipt for my course. How can I get one?

We are happy to assist you. Please contact us at 00.1.716.855.2250 or contact@AAIEInstitute.org.

FAQs: Master’s Degree

Do I have to apply separately for the master’s program?

Yes. To apply for the Master of Science Degree International School Leadership, complete an application with Wilkes University here.

Is additional coursework necessary to obtain the Master of Science degree in International School Leadership?

Yes. Four additional online courses offered solely through the Wilkes University are required. To see the program information, please click here.

What is the cost for master’s degree courses?

All eight of the AAIE Institute courses cost $1200 per course. Wilkes University tuition rates apply to the four additional courses offered directly from that university.

FAQs: Educational Leadership Ed.D

Do I have to apply separately for the Educational Leadership Ed.D Program?

Yes. To apply for the Ed.D complete an application with Wilkes University here.

Is additional coursework necessary in order to obtain the Educational Leadership Ed.D?

Yes. If 7 AAIE Certificate Courses are taken post-master’s, only 10 additional Wilkes University courses along with a dissertation are required. To see program information click here.

What is the cost of Ed.D courses?

The Educational Leadership Ed.D tuition rate for the 2016-2017 academic year is $624 (USD) per credit.
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  • Cost Per Course:

    $500 - AAIE Member
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    $1,200* - Graduate Credit

    Master's Degree:

    Graduate Credit is available. Learn More

    *Additional four courses required for the master's degree offered at Wilkes University's current tuition rates.

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