The AAIE Institute Regional Cohorts:

The AAIE Institute for International School Leadership Regional Cohorts delivers critical content and helps you to develop the unique skills required for international school leadership, within a community of practice. Participants collaborate and build an international leadership network together, and online, while earning your AAIE Certificate in one year.

Upon completion of the AAIE International School Leadership Certificate, you will have the opportunity to conveniently and affordably further your leadership career options by completing a master’s or doctoral degree through Wilkes University.

Advancing through the AAIE Certificate Program with colleagues helps ensure you complete your certificate program in one year while you build professional relationships, access international mentors and instructors, learn from shared experiences, and prepare to be an effective international school leader.

Features of our Regional Cohorts:

  • Cost effective and convenient blended program.
  • Regional ‘kick-off’ session to meet your cohort and instructor(s).
  • Mentorship by an experienced school leader throughout the program.
  • Leadership content uniquely developed by experienced school heads.
  • Certificate courses can be used towards master’s or doctoral degrees at Wilkes University.

Are our Regional Cohorts right for you?

  • Would you like to, or are you planning on going to an upcoming international school conference?
  • Can you commit to taking 7 courses in the year following the conference?
  • Are you looking to earn your master’s or doctoral degree in international school leadership?

If you answered YES to the all three questions above, a Regional Cohort is the right program for you.

If you answered NO to either of the first two questions and would still like to take classes through the AAIE Institute, please view our Global Group class schedule.

For more information on the Regional Cohorts and Global Group programs, please visit our FAQs page.

Regional Cohort Information:

2018 CEESA Cohort:

Would you like to join the CEESA Cohort? Please click here or use the link below to view class dates and to register.

Cohort Schedule & Information

  • Regional Cohort Prices:

    Online Courses:
    $675 – Certificate Only
    $978* – Graduate Credit

    Hybrid Course:
    $850 – Certificate Only
    $978* – Graduate Credit

    Mentorship Course:
    $3,500 (Certificate and Master’s; not EdD)

    *Additional courses are required for the Master’s and Doctoral programs offered at Wilkes University. (Pricing is based on current tuition rates.)

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